Central Committee

Beth Rettaliata Lawson- Committee Chair

Chair Beth Rettaliata Lawson is a lifelong resident of Western Howard County who has previously served as a community advocate for initiatives targeting parental rights, fiscal responsibility in local policies, and civil liberties for area residents. She is a graduate of Syracuse University and a proud wife and mother of three adult children.

Justin Taylor- Committee Vice Chair

A lifelong Howard County resident, Justin Taylor’s roots run deep in the community he passionately serves. With a background as a first-generation college graduate in civil engineering from Morgan State University, Justin brings a unique blend of dedication and expertise to his roles as Vice Chair of the Howard County Central Committee and Chair of the Howard County YR’s His unwavering commitment to conservative principles and community involvement reflects his vision for shaping a prosperous future for Howard County and beyond.

Berney Flowers- Co-Chair Grassroots Outreach Subcommittee, Disctrict 3 Congressional Candidate

Berney Flowers served nearly 21 years in the US Air Force, achieving the rank of Lt Colonel and deploying to various regions in support of American interests. Following military service, he dedicated 13 years to civil service at the Department of Defense, contributing valuable experience. Now, as a passionate patriot with 34 years of DoD experience, Berney Flowers brings a clear conservative vision, aiming to lead America toward a brighter and more secure future.

Lisa Feinberg- Co-Chair Grassroots Outreach Subcommittee

As a seasoned political advocate, campaign manager, and specialist in political messaging, Lisa brings a wealth of experience to shaping and strategizing political campaigns. Previously, she served as the president of the Howard County Republican Women’s Club, as well as holding the position of PTA president for River Hill High School. With an academic background in psychology, Lisa possesses a deeper understanding of human behavior. She takes pride in her role as a wife and mother while continuing to champion conservative causes such as fiscal restraint, controlled immigration, and government accountability.

Sheila P Jennifer- Chair: Education Task Force

For over 35 years, Sheila Jennifer and her family have been proud residents of Columbia, where they’ve immersed themselves in the community. Inspired by Columbia’s vision for diversity, Sheila spearheaded initiatives like Oakland Mill’s Dialogue on Diversity and produced the short film “Promise of Colors”. As Maryland’s first Archivist of color, she leverages her extensive state and civil service experience to drive her work on the Howard County Republican Central Committee, aiming to restore James Rouse’s vision for diversity and uphold principles of limited government and freedom, echoing the legacies of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

Nancy Shih- Treasurer and Committee Member

As a first-generation legal immigrant from Taiwan, Nancy is deeply committed to serving the local GOP, driven by its values and vibrant spirit. With a background as a CPA, she brings financial acumen and expertise to her role as treasurer of the HCRCC, ensuring responsible stewardship of resources. Nancy’s dedication to her community and the Republican Party exemplifies the diverse and dedicated voices shaping its future.

Steve Brown- Election Accuracy Subcommittee

Steve Brown prioritizes safeguarding the integrity of the election process. With over 40 years of experience in engineering, business development, and program management in government contracting, Steve brings a wealth of expertise in areas such as weaponry, sensors, field support, and rail braking equipment. His diverse background also includes previous roles as a program management consultant/specialist and managing a support staff contract for the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, alongside his past service as a Field Director for the Maryland and Pennsylvania Christian Coalitions and as the national Christian Coalition Southeastern Regional Field Director in the late 1990s.

Jason Stein- Committee Member

Jason Stein, a dedicated member of the Howard County Republican Central Committee, brings invaluable leadership experience as a former chair of the Maryland State Young Republicans. With a passion for civic engagement and conservative principles, he actively contributes to advancing the party’s vision in Howard County. Jason’s commitment to empowering young voices and promoting Republican ideals underscores his role as a dynamic force within the political landscape.

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